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Competitive exams
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Lots of translator jobs can be found un national or international institutions that hire the staff through competitive public exams. In order to prepare some competitive exams, it is important to be well informed of required conditions, end dates for papers and selection o exams dates Here, you'll find some useful links to the information pages about competitive exams and trainees.


Competitive exams of the European Union: comission and parliament
Other international institutions


Competitive exams of the European Union

The European Union website,, is a real pool of information but a real jungle at the same time where it is not easy to find what we are looking for. A useful tool to navigate inside the site: the search engine. Here you will find direct links to information pages about translator jobs in european institutions.

General information to work in the EU: with links to translation and interpretation services.

Translation service

External translation, directed to freelance translators. With an information bulletin, advises for freelance translators working with the EU and some links to all the european institutions and some international ones.

Translation center for the bodies of the European Union The "Job Offers" section offer temporary job offers in Luxemburg and freelance positions.

Call for applicants (for freelancers)

Complementary Information for translators, lots of interesting addresses, like where to go to obtain information about the translator's career, and about general exams or temporary staff selection.

Translators' selection

Trainees: Information about trainee periods un the translation servic eof the European Union. Access the Inscription form. Main page about the european comission trainees: what are they, who are they for, which departments, when to apply...

Open competions in the european comission published in the official journal

European Parliament: Information note on translation at the European Parliament

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Other international institutions

United Nations:

All the positions in the United Nations for Spain with access to job offers by department or agencies.

The Office of Human resources management of the United Nations: ¡Very interesting!

Complete bulletin of the vancancy anouncement list by profession of the International Comission of Civil Service of the United Nations.

Competitive exams to enter the United Nation Secretary

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